Letter To Addiction: Saying Goodbye to Heroin Sober Story

We are changing our names during this divorce back to who we were before you moved in on our lives. It’s a clean break and we won’t be taking your name along with us. So, if you’ve been wondering why I said goodbye to you for good, it was because I began to resent you and then quickly fell out of love with you. I operate from a clear conscious and a full heart nowadays since I left you behind. It’s nice knowing you no longer have a say in my thoughts, my actions or my life, for that matter, and that I’m driving this bus now. I get to decide how I spend my time and with whom I spend it with.

dear addiction letter

Dear Drugs and Alcohol…we had some good times together, but it’s time I move on. Is that how this is supposed to go? We did have some good times together; a lot of good times together, in fact. I related to that, especially the fun part. Because I had a lot of fun with drugs and alcohol for a long time.

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Luring us in with your promises of a good time and that you’ll take away all our worries. Having us believe you can solve our problems, take our stress away and connect us to others in ways we think we can’t on our own. You’ve caused me some of the deepest pain I have ever thought I could feel. It’s been a very long, cold, dark, and scary 16 or so years with you. You’ve taken me down many roads I could never turn off of.

  • Many people choose to keep the letter in a safe place where they can revisit it occasionally for inspiration or to see how far they’ve come since writing it.
  • I was too scared to leave you before.
  • I know your voice when you come to visit these days and it’s safe to say your old pick up lines don’t impress me anymore.

How much more do I have to lose before I’m willing to leave you for good? Will it be a trip to the hospital? No, I am making the decision to leave you now.

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That you were just a visitor in my life. I had no idea what was happening. I thought I could hang out with you from time to time and still walk away. I thought you brought me happiness. I felt welcomed without knowing you were building such a strong anchor in me. But every time I was away from you, there was chaos.

In high school and college, it was all fun. Sure, there were the blackouts where I couldn’t remember what I had done the night before, and the arguments with my girlfriend about my drinking. So does that balance things out? But I got into a lot of fights and I got into some legal stuff and a DUI, which definitely wasn’t fun at all. A goodbye letter to addiction is similar to journaling because you are still writing down your emotions, and you will likely feel some of the same effects. It serves as a personal outlet for any feelings you may be struggling to come to terms with.

Take control of your life

I don’t miss the last 6 treatment programs I went to, one leaving me with extreme PTSD. I don’t miss falling down the stairs and almost breaking my neck. I don’t miss getting onto the highway going the wrong way at 3 a.m.

  • You were what brought me to my lowest; you were what took away my control.
  • Many days and nights are spent worrying if you are hurt or in the hospital or in jail.
  • It is more important to make sure that you get out everything that you want to say.
  • Writing a letter to your child who is struggling with dependence or addiction can be cathartic for both of you.
  • This is our my last gift to you, I hope you accept it and make every second count.
  • I remained tortured by your memory.
  • Because of you, I ended up doing things that I never in a million years thought I would be capable of doing.

You will be treated with dignity and respect and you will have the freedom to make choices. The team at Sunrise Recovery Ranch is helping me to set healthy boundaries and detach with love. This will be hard for now but it is the best way for us to eventually reunite with a healthy new relationship.

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I spent years trying to leave you, but I never succeeded for more than a few days or weeks at a time. In fact, I was in debt because of you. You don’t stop even when we are lying broken on the floor, crying and begging for mercy. You don’t stop when we are shaking, physically withdrawing from your chemicals.

  • I cast everyone else aside and just fixate on you, regardless of what happens or what I cause.
  • This includes all relationships—people, pets, or things we get attached to.
  • It will let you know where you stand in regard to addiction.
  • In 2008, he was recognized by the Praed Foundation as a national “Systems Champion” for implementing a statewide children’s assessment for DCS.
  • You would think I would have accepted this by now—that you want us dead—after battling with you my entire life.

I willingly gave you my home, my car, and all of my valuables. All of these things, and it was still not enough for you. Honestly, I don’t really remember exactly when I realized it was over. You made me abandon my sense of right and wrong to keep us together. Whenever I did something illegal for you, I would tell myself it was just one time.

An Open Letter To Addiction

I will continue to build my castle with happiness and joy and I won’t ever let you in again. You will be a past enemy, not a mistake but an enemy. I was meant to go through what I went through with you, but I will never have to do it again. https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/what-brain-fog-of-alcoholism-is-and-when-it-goes-away/ I will stand tall and proud that I have made it out and I’ll do anything that I can to help others see the light. Yet, I can not help but feel that I wish I had never met you. So, thanks for everything and nothing all at once, heroin.

I don’t miss not remembering anything. I don’t miss not being able to stand in the shower because my legs were too weak and shaky. I don’t miss the hundreds of ER visits and medical detoxes I had to go through to try and get well. I don’t miss the how to write a goodbye letter pancreatitis flare ups, although unfortunately the pancreatitis will stick with me for life. I don’t miss waking up at all hours of the night, reaching for you at my bedside and having to drink some of you in order to control my convulsing body.