How To Create An App Like Uber Features & Cost Estimation

However, they still manage to attract a broad audience of users in specific regions. One more important thing to know about these guys is that they are very much into user-friendly interfaces. That’s when you go for your apps’ optimization, support, and maintenance. You should include the main “selling points” in the initial version of your app. This stage is all about creating the visual part of your app. If you really want your product to be visible in the market, pay attention to its branding.

how to build an app like uber

Here are a few helpful charts and tables to make such an app. Initially, the Uber app attracted drivers and riders by holding and supporting tech events and offering free rides in San Francisco. The city is well-known for its tech community and seizes every opportunity to improve its quality of life. We provide full-cycle tech consultations and software development services. It may differ from app to app according to business objectives, features, and platforms.

In addition, search fields usually include various filters to simplify the process and let users sort options by choosing price ranges, cuisines, or ingredients. After profile setup, users get access to the catalogue of venues, and it’s better to add a search option to navigate. Customers search where to order food by restaurant’s or cafe’s name, location or menu. I’ve listed the most important features you need to consider if you’re going to create an app like Uber Eats. Before you start looking for mobile developers, make a deep research.

Payment Gateway Integration is a crucial functionality to be implemented in apps like Uber. To avoid human-error, Uber-like apps should employ a pay-off process via a payment card. To proceed with payment integration, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements and country policies for handling this data securely. Push Notifications – vital element for informing; keeps passenger up-to-date with trip request status, driver arrival time, driver and car details, etc. The MLSDev team helped the GoPuff project grow from the initial idea to over 400+ micro-fulfillment centers in 650+ U.S. cities and with 7,000+ workers. This on-demand delivery service is still expanding to new locations and is growing its user base daily, while our team helps to support these objectives.

How to Make an App Like Uber: Updated Guide

Detailed view of prior payments and rides made using the app. Please make sure to select just one operating system for your app’s first release. This little trick can shorten the application’s time to market and save you numerous engineering hours. Spending more time on your prototype will produce better outcomes and enable you to avoid spending thousands of dollars. Don’t get carried away by Uber’s profitability and complexities when you develop your own app. As said, the final cost of your Uber-like app is highly dependent on various factors and your personal preferences.

Waiting list – at peak hours, when there are not enough free cars, passengers can add their request to the waiting list. Book for others – allow passengers to book rides for friends and relatives without changing their account. Fare calculation – passengers should have the ability to check the price of the ride beforehand. The price usually depends on different factors, making this feature quite difficult to implement from the back-end perspective.

how to build an app like uber

To clarify for an iPhone store, you need to tackle Apple’s App Certification team. Also, it is essential to follow a well-planned and managed app development process to make your app stand out. The cost of creating an app like Uber often ranges from $100,000 to $150,000. Such apps have a trifold structure consisting of drivers, clients, and admins and are inherently complex due to the abundance of back-end procedures they require.

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Services like Uber have made it easier for people to travel, it saves from the hassle of driving a car and looking to park a car. To develop an Uber-like app, it is essential to keep your UI/UX design simple and easy to use. Designing UI is crucial, as the user interface is the first point of visual interaction for users.

  • But life is much easier now that we have access to apps like Uber and Lyft on the tip of our fingers.
  • A driver can earn more by completing the pre-defined number of trips.
  • Uber added services, optimized its app, launched interesting marketing campaigns, and expanded to new countries.
  • This panel can be used to make changes within the app, and acts as an overview of the business side of things, containing sections for user data, riders, etc.
  • Still, we have tech consultants ready to estimate your project idea.

The admin panel transfers order information from users to the restaurant staff. Then restaurants process orders and pass the dish to couriers. They may work with internal delivery services provided by the app or use their own delivery personnel. It is smart to start the app development process with several background checks. It’s a fantastic idea to learn more about your target clients while developing an app similar to Uber and plan the overall course of the entire app development process.

Developing an Uber like App – Taking a Look Inside

Once you’re PCI certified it’s time to integrate a cashless payment system into your app. Depending on the objectives, your revenue model can differ from the Uber’s one. This ride-sharing platform doesn’t own a car park – it exploits drivers who have their own cars. Uber earns acting as a mediator by bringing drivers and passengers together.

Pickup location – this feature automatically allows you to find a driver based on a passenger’s location. Driver rating & review – you should also implement the feature to rate each riding experience and driver to provide passengers with the best experience. Driver tracking – if you wonder how to make an app like Uber that users will love, this feature is your answer. Passengers should have the ability to track their car’s movement and see time estimation before arrival. Carry out extensive market research and create a business model based on market demand. Uber calculates the price of the ride based on its duration and distance.

Payment gateway:

Both parties are aware of each other’s location and concerns over the car arrival time are no longer topical. Uber has captured a great share of the market with it’s smooth app-user interaction, great marketing campaigns, and rare error reports. When we say heat map, we mean a feature that simplifies the work of a driver.

how to build an app like uber

To enhance the driver’s experience, the driver destination feature has become quite popular in taxi booking apps like Uber. As such it should be considered as part of the app development. The feature allows drivers to select a favorite location and find passengers looking for a ride there. You can take the help of any On-demand app development company to prepare a roadmap for your app development process and to validate your app idea.

Push Notification & Messaging

Other important features include push notifications, integration of payment gateways, and route building. In general, you can save up to 60% of your development budget if you consider outsourcing software development to Ukraine. The price to develop an app like how to make an app like uber Uber is roughly $200,000+. The taxi service is a complex system consisting of three parts such as a driver, client, and admin panel. The approximate timeline to develop a taxi app for passengers takes from 5 to 7 months for the basic version for one platform .

Uber-like App Use Cases

Just send us your request regarding Uber-like app development. This feature is generally quite simple to implement once you want to make an app like Uber. In your profile, you can add a user as your family member and order a taxi on his/her behalf. Then, this person will receive a notification (e.g., SMS) with the taxi booking details. Before we proceed with the technical details and functionality to create an app like Uber, we want to clarify the process of project concept creation and implementation.

Understanding the Cost Components

The wireframing is the sketch of your app and what it will look like. It is in two dimensions and shows the visual look of the designed application. Wireframing has become a vital component in app development as it is essential in the app developing process. The wireframing is the architectural view of an application that works as a guide to planning the formation of the application. You need to evaluate the market and start to develop new features; Uber is a prestigious app with elite services.

Additional Features

As such, if you want to build a mobile application that offers similar functionality to Uber, you’re not alone. Here, we will look at what it takes to develop an application like Uber, including the key features and costs. In its initial release, the Uber app lacked any gamification features and cost splitting. It was built to accomplish one main objective, which was to connect drivers with passengers and provide a payment option within the app.

Contact us to discuss your developmental needs, and our representative will get back to you in no time. Creating an app like Uber and saving money by hiring a vendor from a favorable outsourcing zone is doable. App development costs between $70,000 and $120,000 if you hire a business like JumpGrowth, which charges an average of $30 per hour. For instance, a simple app with a basic UI covering particular geolocation might cost you less. Angular – Hire AngularJS developers to develop dynamic web applications for your users.